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Skate Shoes Forever

Skate Shoes Forever

Who would’ve thought, that the skate shoes we wore in the 90s are still being sought after today. Some can even fetch a small fortune in good condition. Skate shoes forever, forever skate shoes.

Too bad I’m the type that thrashes my skate shoes. Buy, wear, tear. Buang. That’s just the way it was for me when I used to skate everyday. Heck, I still have this habit today. My shoes are never mint.

But I won’t lie, there are days I wished I still had a pair of my old fave skate shoes. Dreamt even that somehow I bought extra pairs and had it hidden in some sort of time capsule.

Unfortunately… mimpi je lah. Anyway. Here’s a list of five of my all-time fave skate shoes that I’ve worn and thrashed. A few of them, repeatedly.

éS Solist (mid 90s)

Style and function. Definitely up there with my all-time fave (see below).

Airwalk Prototype (late 80s/early 90s)

My first proper skate shoes. Tough af. Great for learners.

DC Plug (mid 90s)

Dope vibes and kickflips all day in these.

Vans Halfcab (since forever)

Still my go-to skate shoes. Nothing better than the OG of OGs.


My all-time fave skate shoes. If you have ever worn one, you’ll understand.

Let us know what’s yours!

Posted by @maharis on 8 September 2019. Follow @chopjaheart on IG for updates.

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