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"Takkan Tikam" is for the camaraderie heart. The ones who constantly watch out for each other.

Never Comply (1)

Never Comply (1)

You didn’t quit skateboarding because you got old, you got old because you quit skateboarding.

I was twelve, it was 1989, having just parted my Haro-Kuwahara freestyle BMX to fund what would be a life-long adventure.

My first skateboard deck was a G&S Neil Blender mini that I bought 2nd hand. It came complete with Gullwing trucks and wheels I can’t recall.

Growing up in JB (south-est side of Malaysia) those days meant having two awesome advantages. Uncovering raw street spots in JB and accessing real skateparks in Singapore.

Unknowingly, we were paving the way for the Gen-Xers in this part of the planet. The we-dont-give-a-fuck-what-they-tell-us-we-are-doing-it-our-way generation.

AKA Never Comply.

Now that I’ve triggered the throwbackness, here’s some of my favourite skate videos of that time. In no related order. Bear in mind, this was an era of physical video tapes passed from one skate-brother to another. So, consider you a brother. Enjoy.

Public Domain (Powell Peralta)

Ban This (Powell Peralta)

Hocus Pokus (H-Street)

Shackle Me Not (H-Street)

Streets On Fire (Santa Cruz)

Wheels Of Fire (Santa Cruz)

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Posted by @maharis on 6 April 2019. Follow @chopjaheart on IG for updates.

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