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Takkan Tikam

"Takkan Tikam" is for the camaraderie heart. The ones who constantly watch out for each other.

Ironhead Dreams

Ironhead Dreams

Turning your chopper dreams into a reality has become more possible than ever. Browse the right places, find the right parts, know the right people, make the right deals; your dream chopper is just a built away. Ada duit, do it.

Personally, I’ve had my heart set on an Ironhead based chopper for some time now. I can’t explain why. I’ve heard more cons than pros with this engine choice.

I’m attracted to a simple, compact yet sketchy ride. Ideal for good times riding (and taking turns layaning road side break downs) with my brothers.

Here are a few that have inspired my Ironhead Dreams. What’s yours?

Posted by @maharis on 9 March 2019. Follow @chopjaheart on IG for updates.

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