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Hip Hop Takkan Stop

Hip Hop Takkan Stop

What do you do when you’re suddenly in your 40s, probably been a while since you listened to “real” hip hop, then bam that rasa datang balik?

You rediscover discovering hip hop, that’s what.

Honestly, I’m not sure if the recent breakout success of 16 Baris memang coincided with hip hop coming full circle but it sure was good timing.

Because it feels macam dulu-dulu again.

I may have been into hip hop a few decades ago (fuh… rasa tua terus), but I’ve not really felt any urge to revisit this itch since. So, before anything I need to admit my knowledge of hip hop beyond mid 2000s and whatsoever of the local scene is quite slack. I mean, I work in marketing, so I know abit who is who and what is up. Just not much more than that la.

Anyway, here’s a few local hip hop tracks that I’ve recently been listening to and dig. A lot. Probably too much. Haha.

Hey let me know in the comments if there’s anything else I should be listening to!

Aman RA – Pantun100Kerat

Aman RA – Berada (featuring Altimet, Noh Salleh)

Aman RA – Bangun

Alif – Buat Selamanya

Alif, SonaOne – Pun Boleh

K-Clique – Mimpi (featuring Alif)

K-Clique – Lane Lain Line

Outlaw Wijaya – Smoke Lu Bah

Tuju – Licik

This kid sounds like Malique and has 22 million views. Confirm ah… Hip Hop Takkan Stop!

Ben Ladin – Hikayat Benladin

Posted by @maharis on 22 July 2019. Follow @chopjaheart on IG for updates.

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