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DIY What You Love

DIY What You Love

The thing I love most about Harley Davidson motorcycles, apart from the beautiful noise it makes, is that it was made for people who prefer to do-it-yourself.

I am by no means an expert. Prior to owning my #maharley, I wouldn’t dare fix anything under the hood of my cars (with the battery as the only exception). Ever since then, I’ve only had it serviced by myself. Plus a few minor customisations here and there.

It’s not only good to know how to work on your own motorcycle, but it will give you that added riding confidence knowing what you know about it.

Having no formal training working on machines, Youtube became my go-to teacher. If you also own a recent model Sportster, this was the video I referred to the most.

Of course, not everything is meant to be DIY. If you feel you can’t, it’s very likely you can’t. Send it to the professionals. If you’re in KL or PJ, my recommendation is to set an appointment with the guys at Gimme Shelter Service Chop. You can’t go wrong from there on.

Posted by @maharis on 28 March 2019. Follow @chopjaheart on IG for updates.

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